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Please note we are now recruiting new participants only in Cambridge.

We are looking for participants who match the following criteria:
  • Living in or around Cambridge.
    • Male or Female Aged 25-50
    • Able to speak, write and understand English
    • Willing to abstain from strenuous exercise for 72 hours before assessments
    • Must not have a known diagnosis of bipolar disorder, psychosis or current substance abuse.
    • No contraindications to MRI (e.g. Pacemaker or other implantable device etc)
    • No contraindications to PET (e.g. known kidney disease) (only applicable if you wish to do PET scan option)
    • BMI under 36 kg/m2

    All travel, food, and accommodation arrangements will be reimbursed or booked for you.

    Pathways of nerve fibres in the brain of a young healthy adult (viewed from behind). Different parts of the brain communicate with each other through these nerve fibres, which are colour-coded here. Fibres connecting the left and right hemispheres are red, fibres travelling up and down connecting the brain and spinal cord are blue, and fibres running front to back are green.

There are up to four Biodep visits you may be able to take part in:

1. Eligibility Assessment – This is comprised of a 1-2 hour clinical interview and a blood test. We will let you know if you are eligible within a few days. We will pay you £25 for attending this visit.

2. Fasting Blood and MRI VisitWe will ask you to give around 100ml of blood, play some computer tasks, and then have a 90 minute MRI scan. This visit will last for around 5-6 hours. We will pay you £100 for attending this visit.

3. Optional PET Scan VisitYou will travel to the PET Centre in Cambridge for a PET scan. The PET scan will last for 90 minutes, the visit will last for around  2-4 hours. We will pay you £100 for attending this visit.

4. Optional Lumbar Puncture  The lumbar puncture will be performed at your local centre in a clinical facility setting by a trained doctor. This visit will last around  2-4 hours. We will pay you £100 for attending this visit.

Please read the information sheet relevant to you for further information:


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  • We are only recruiting participants between the ages of 25 and 50 (inclusive).
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